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I am a qualified psychotherapist working with individuals and couples for therapy and counselling.  I work with a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, attachment & relationship difficulties, couples counselling, bereavement, loss & grief, loneliness, overworking, ocd symptoms, lack of confidence, stress, trauma & abuse, shame based difficulties, eating and body based difficulties amongst many others.

In addition to my core practice of Transactional Analysis, I am also trained in EMDR, an NHS (NICE) approved treatment for trauma that is useful for other psychological difficulties.

 I offer a professional, thoughtful and compassionate approach to help you understand and resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing. I have been in private practice since 2005 and have worked with hundreds of people to help them make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

  UKCP Registered
Certified Transactional Analyst
Both day and evening appointments available
EMDR Therapy also available 

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Its important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with, so I offer individuals either a FREE 30 minute initial consultation or a full hour payable at half my normal fee. This is different for couples  - please see above.  This gives you a chance to talk about your difficulties, ask any questions you may have and work out for yourself what you want to do next.                                                    

what to expect......

At the initial consultation you are invited to talk about the personal difficulties that you are bringing to therapy and what changes you are looking to make - whether that means exploring and resolving a current dilemma or looking for more long term sustained changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards your self and others. There is also an opportunity to ask me any questions about how I practice.  I will treat you with integrity and respect and I will expect the same from you. I will also provide full information on my business contract so you know what to expect from coming to see me in the future. At the end of the consultation you can either take time to consider your options or arrange further sessions.

skills for life......

Very often people come to therapy when they feel there is something ' wrong' with them or their relationships, when they have tried everyway that they know how, to sort or fix things . This can be a frustrating, distressing or shaming experience. If we are to live emotionally satisifying lives however, we need a wide variety of emotional and relational skills, some of which we may not have had the opportunity to learn whilst we were growing up. These skills include:

  • How to get close to others and create loving relationships
  • How to lead a seperate and independant life
  • Capacities for healthy aggression and conflict resolution
  • Skills for work and play
  • Skills for thinking, reflecting and making meaning of our lives
  • Dealing positively with failure, disappointment and personal misdeeds. (  Strayhorn 1983)

Engaging in therapy is a powerful way to learn theses skills and make the kind of profound changes that would help you lead a richer and more satisfying life.



Contact details:

t: 07709 284 445

e: jomoores1@ntlworld.com