Success Stories

"I went to therapy to get ‘fixed’. I had been suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety for as long as I could remember and had tried everything from prescription medication to acupuncture. I had no idea what was ‘wrong’ with me, I just knew I was never happy.

What I got was absolutely not what I ordered, and thank god! Jo has given me far more than I can say in a short testimonial, but among those are a level of self awareness that has allowed me to re-frame my feelings about myself and my relationship to the world. Jo has, with a great amount of patience, compassion and humour, guided me through a very difficult process to completely transform my relationship with myself."  C. Manchester

"Jo was recommended to me, and I approached her to help me to find some resolution to my mixed feelings about embarking on motherhood. I wanted help with this very important issue, but without feeling that I was potentially committing to months/years of therapy. Jo reassured me that it was possible to make progress in a relatively short time, and her confidence was not misplaced. The work we did together was thought-provoking, insightful and cathartic, and we covered a lot of ground over the course of six hour-long sessions. I found Jo very easy to open up to, and even though our sessions included exploring some quite emotional areas, overall the process was illuminating and actually quite enjoyable."  J. Manchester

"Jo’s skill and subtlety as a therapist helped me to grow and develop the resources I need to support myself. I always felt like we were getting somewhere because Jo’s relaxed and approachable demeanour is informed by an appropriate balance between kindness and professionalism. She has my deepest gratitude and I would happily recommend her to others."   Alaistair, Salford

"To Jo who taught me how to fly! Thank you for taking me to the edge of the cliff and holding my hand as I looked over. Thank you for helping me to paint a future for myself that for the frist time looks full of connections with lots of different people and the excitement and love that comes with them." Rebecca, Chorlton.

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